October 20, 2017

Fall: Try these awesome photo tips


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Fall is the most photogenic season of the year, with its stunning autumnal colors and wonderful misty mornings. Now is the time to get outdoors with your iPhone , capture the beauty of the foliage, and go chase some fog! In this tutorial you’ll discover eight essential tips for taking incredible iPhone photos of trees, leaves and misty landscapes this fall.


Location it’s everything

Streams, creeks, ponds and rivers can become magical in the fall.
A blue sky is a great complement to the strong, warm colors of the leaves at this time of year. Any kind of tree will work, as long as the colors of the leaves have started to change.


Fog and Mist

They can soften and mute colors, but they add mood, atmosphere, even mystery.
Explore Your Area To Find The Best Trees
Try to capture the trees during the entire fall season, from the time that the first leaves start falling to the ground, to when the tree branches are completely bare.



Start Simple

Don’t forget the details. Have a look where the light is starting to fall Tap below the light to properly expose. A collection of leaves on the ground can sometimes be more artistic than an array of multicolor trees in the distance. You will love shots in the fall.


Find a love tree

Lone trees are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. The lone tree is loaded with symbolism, and it will often leave the viewer with a stronger impression than if you had photographed a group of trees.
A minimalistic scene with a single tree allows you to create a strong composition with few elements in the frame.



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